Meet Josh

Josh Elliott is running for office in Nevada’s 1st Congressional District to better represent the residents of Las Vegas, and have their voices heard in the United State Congress. Josh is passionate about Nevada, bringing high- paying technical jobs to our city, attracting the best educators, solving present problems with immigration, and protecting our Constitution and Rule of Law. He is ready to work on reducing homelessness and hunger for our residents.

JOSHUA D. ELLIOTT JR. was born on June 18,1953 to Joshua “Jay” and Flossie M. Elliott, he has nine other siblings. In 1965 the family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada from Houston, Texas via Tallulah, Louisiana. Josh Elliott Sr. took a job at Sam Krug Chrysler Plymouth where he was the first Black Auto Dealer/Salesman in the state of Nevada.

Josh Jr. attended Jim Bridger Middle School and graduated from Western High School in 1971, enrolling thereafter in UNLV before transferring to Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, majoring in Financial Accounting.

In 1980, Josh began working on a program to have a National Holiday for the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He began to show the Nevada Congressional Delegation that the residents of Nevada supported the measure by attempting to get a street in Las Vegas named in honor of Dr. King. It was not until 1985 that Josh got the Las Vegas City Council and the North Las Vegas City Council to name Highland Ave. in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His persistence paid off and he asked the North Las Vegas City Council to erect a statue of Dr. King, which they agreed to do. We became the first city in Nevada to honor Dr. King with a major thoroughfare, a superb result!

 Josh Elliott Jr. opened the first Hotel/Motel owned and operated by a Black person on Fremont St., right in the center of Las Vegas. At that location, Josh opened the Omega Productions Center for the Performing Arts. The purpose of this entity was to assist individuals and acknowledge their talents while giving them the opportunity to perform on stage in front of a live audience.

A visionary, Josh, along with his uncle, Robert Elliott and brother, Ken Elliott, started the Triple E Partnership, applying and receiving a loan from the Small Business Administration. They acquired a liquor license, applied for 15 slots and turned the Performing Arts Center into a nightclub called “Elliott’s Nest”, which were the largest Black- owned and operated Night Club and Restaurant in Las Vegas. The first live remote broadcast of KCEP Radio FM88.1 boadcasted from Elliott’s Nest. The operation was a tremendous success.

In 1990 Josh Elliott became the first Black to run for a Congressional seat in Nevada, running for the seat held by James Bilbray in the First Congressional District. Josh received 5,000 votes.

In May of 1990, Las Vegas Legend Sammy Davis Jr. passed away. Josh Elliott was asked to comment and he responded, “Sammy Davis Jr. should have a street named in his honor.” Josh did not know that the person he was talking to was a reporter from a national magazine. The following month an article appeared in ”Jet Magazine” stating that Las Vegas and Chicago were naming streets in honor of the late great Sammy Davis Jr. and that Josh Elliott, who had arranged for a street named after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. two years before was in total support. Consequently, Josh found a street that intersected with Dean Martin Dr. and Frank Sinatra Dr., the street was Industrial Road, he had to talk to all the property owners on Industrial Road and get everyone to concur with the idea of changing the name of Industrial Road to Sammy Davis Jr. Drive. It took from 1990 to 2010 to finally get a street named in honor of Sammy Davis Jr.  “The Reliable Josh Elliott” succeeded again in his honorable actions; Chicago is still trying to make it happen.

The Sammy Davis Jr. Estate legally gave Josh Elliott Jr. the exclusive right to determine where a 15 ft. statue of Sammy Davis Jr. should be erected. We are certain Josh Elliott will once again succeed in finding the perfect location to honor Sammy, an indelible part of Las Vegas’ history.

In 2000, Josh became a member of the Mountaintop Faith Ministries Church and in 2001 he was called to the music ministry where he sang in the Gospel Choir for six years. Vote for Josh Elliott for Congress, The Reliable Candidate.